OK. So I’m blog happy tonight. At our shop we pride ourselves at being efficient and showing the bride many different options. Often a bride finds she really does like ivory or she likes mermaids instead of the ballgown she thought she wanted–or vice versa. If I had a nickel for every time I have heard, “thank you, I never would have tried that dress on,” I’d be rich.

Our gowns are clean and in good shape because our staff helps the bride with each dress. We get positive comments on our gowns all the time.
This is the way after 22 years I have found works the best for MOST brides and their entourage: me or my staff is helping the bride at all times. We provide bike shorts and bustiers then a small hoop to keep the gown away from the legs. We choose the gowns and show the bride as many gowns as she wants and then go back through the favorites. Most brides love it.
Unfortunately we had one today whose mother was not about to let us help. She wouldn’t use the hoop because it wouldn’t go over the hips–has to go over the head. She did not understand how much more comfortable gowns are with a small hoop on. She told me the bride did not want ivory. The bride said she hadn’t decided. The bride felt like we had a small amount of 14-16s to try on when she would not try on what has been our most popular the past year–ruching. Ruching across the bodice. Ruching on the skirt. Ruching over the hips, etc. Ruching is very flattering on most brides.
She is getting married in about six weeks. No one can order anything for her. I gave her a list of the stores that seem to have the most sleeved gowns and I wish her well. As a bridal retailer, we do not want to stock up on a lot of gowns this time of year because it is slower. As for us, we sold have three times as many gowns as we had anticipated in our new store for the month of August. We still have an excellent selection in sizes 2-32 in both white and ivory. Bliss by Bonny has an excellent line with sleeves and I work closely with them to have many gowns ready for immediate rush shipment.
If you are planning a wedding before February, I implore you, come in as soon as you can.
P.S. We need high school girls for a photo shoot for homecoming dresses.